Hard Money Lenders in Colorado

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Hard Money Lenders in Colorado

Colorado is known for its mountains, weather, and health and fitness and outdoor activities. Colorado is known as the Centennial State, with a very highly educated workforce and low unemployment. With a growing job market for business, education, and health services, Denver and its surrounding suburbs, as well as other major cities in the state like Aurora, Fort Collins, and Colorado Springs are seeing a massive influx of residents. The growth in highly skilled workers has led Colorado to have much higher population growth.

Colorado has popularity in its rentals, as well as in its homes. Colorado is a popular living destination that is known for its outdoor and health activities, from winter sports to just regular fitness activities to stay in shape. In particular, the Denver-Boulder area is experiencing an all-time high in investment. 

Right now, the majority of housing markets in Colorado are seller’s markets, which means demand is outpacing supply in much of Colorado. Colorado is a state that’s in a housing bubble given its popularity and the number of people who are moving into the state. Homes are selling very fast and for higher than listing price as a result.

Hard money loans might be the best way to invest in real estate in Colorado. Hard money loans are also known as last resort loans, and it’s important to note why. A select few people use hard money loans to stave off foreclosures, but hard money loans are also known for their unforgiving terms and rates. They have much higher interest rates than mortgages, which already have very high interest rates of 5.6% in the current exploding housing market. Hard money loans have interest rates of 8–15%. They also have repayment periods of more or less a year, which is much shorter than the repayment periods of most mortgages. Since hard money loans have lower LTV ratios than traditional mortgage loans, they come with much higher down payments.

But for some investors, the pros outweigh the cons. Hard money loans are loans that are mainly used for buying homes in disrepair and then flipping them for a higher price. They’re known for their very, very fast speeds of approval. In a lot of cases, traditional mortgage loans can take a very long time to be approved. They can take over a month to be approved, whereas hard money loans can be approved much faster, in only a few days. This gives investors an advantage because they can put down fast bids and compete for the best properties.

The reason hard money loans have such unforgiving rates and terms and can be approved so quickly is because they’re based on the property as the asset. By contrast, traditional mortgage loans use the financial standing and credit score of the borrower. Hard money loans use credit scores for minimums, and new investors would benefit from a good credit score because it would bring down interest rates. Since hard money loans use the property as collateral, if a borrower defaults on a hard money loan, it’s a different process from when borrowers default on mortgages. In hard money loans, the lender becomes the homeowner when a borrower defaults, and then tries to flip the property themselves in a much more expedient process than mortgages.

It’s important to trust the best lenders. That’s why we at Hard Money Lenders IO have made a list of the best lenders in Colorado.

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