Hard Money Lenders IO is a Private Lending Company giving loans to real estate investors and entrepreneurs. We give quick and easy loans to help you overcome your financial barriers. We offer tailor-made loans to suit your specific needs.



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Commercial Bridge Loans

Real estate investment can be cost-intensive. This is why we provide Hard Money Loans to professional investors so you can make all the investments that you desire.

Fix and Flip Hard Money Loans

When there’s an emergency, we are here to provide you with all the help you need. We pre-approve fast loans within 24 hours and close in 3 day period. In as short a time as you require, we respond to your needs and finance your project in time. Hence, you don’t have to waste your time; we can help you save time.

Residential Rehab

We have a team of selected professionals like loan officers, appraisers, lawyers, and title agents.
We also have a team of selected members of the local community that can relate and help you with the real estate situations in your neighborhood.

Cash-Out Refinance

Perhaps you’re a real estate investor that is new to the investment game, or you are a first-time borrower. Do not worry. We got you on that. We will give you every help you will need in the form of advice as well as guiding you with our wealth of experience. We will offer you all the support and direction that you will need.

Distressed Property

If you are not sure about the profitability of your investment, no worries. We can offer you professionals that are good risk calculators. They will evaluate the profitability of your project to ensure its success. With our guaranteed formula, we will provide you with the best possible offers. Managing your sweepstake schedule during rehabilitation projects is important; we will help you with that and secure your investment.

Foreign Real Estate Investors

We are always going to be available to offer our services to you. As a reliable Hard Money Lender, we value our borrower, and we will prove to you that we will always be there when you need us. We esteem our borrowers; hence we prioritize building and maintaining the relationship with them.

Private Money Lenders VS Traditional Bank

Hard Money Lenders IO

It can close in a few days.


Borrowers qualify according to the project and equity. Less than a perfect loan is not a disqualifier.


Flexible prices and conditions are available and depend on the project and the borrower.

Traditional Bank

Close at least 30-45 days.

Bank regulations and checklist.

Qualification is often not possible for renovation projects. The borrower’s credit score weighed heavily.


Establish loans interest and terms