If you intend get long term cash out refinance loans for investment properties, the Hard Money Lender is here to help you. We have a program that allows buy and hold investors to cash out and refinance their investment.

This type of loan results in a higher balance owed on your new mortgage including the closing costs rolled into the loan plus the amount of cash you receive. This type of loan can turn equity into ready cash as well as offer better terms than that of the original loan.

Cash-out refinance includes all the origination and closing costs that accompany a typical mortgage because a cash-out refinance leads to the creation of a new loan. The owner of the property is the one that is saddled with the responsibility of paying interest for the life of the loan.
In cash-out refinancing, the cash normally comes as a lump sum, fixed-rate loan paid in one transaction. After the loan is granted, the borrower pays back the loan with interest over a period. In the case of a home equity, the loan functions as revolving debt. Cash-out refinancing is the most widely used loan due to lower fees and fixed-rate.

Cash-out can be a good way to produce funding needed to start a business venture. Yet, it is risky to use the money considering many young businesses fail. Hence having a fail plain is essential.
A lot of people use cash-out refinances to pay off medical debt or credit card debts. This is a smart way to reduce the interest paid. However, unlike credit card creditors, mortgage lenders will not hesitate to use your home as collateral if you fail to pay the loan.

Closing Speed

Traditional loans can take several months to close. We can do it in few days.

We Are Flexibile

We allow fix and flip investors to arrange and secure funds that are not available to them through other institutions.

Competitive Loan %

We provide funds to fix and flip with investment rates that start at 9% with 0 to 2 points, and returning borrowers receive better terms.