Where do you lend?

Hard Money Lenders IO is a Private Lending Company located in Miami, Florida. We provide financing solutions to real estate investors and entrepreneurs. Even though our main area of operations is the state of Florida, we also have a network of investors nationwide.

How fast can you close?

Within 3-4 days once we have the necessary documentation. However, the standard closing time for most of our loan programs is 2 weeks after the first contact with the borrower.

Do I necessarily need good credit to get a loan?

Not necessarily. We do consider it, but it isn’t what determines if we approve your loan or not.

Do I need cash to close?

Yes, you do. We ask our borrowers to have the cash to pay interest rates during the loan and to cover the cost overruns that might come up during the whole project.

Do I need experience to close?

No. Having a real estate investing background is beneficial and can help us move faster but we are open to working with primary borrowers as well.

Will you finance loan points?

Depending on your circumstances and the loan program, we can finance loan points.

How do I start?

You can fill out this form, call us or send us an email. Once we review your application we’ll get back to you and discuss more about how we can possibly work together.

We can provide approvals within 24 hours and can close in just a few days. Since we’re the decision-makers, we have the ability to give you an answer quickly.

What initial paperwork do you need?

Typically what we ask for is the loan amount you’d like to access and the property address. However, feel free to get in touch with us through our contact form.

What is your typical loan structure?

We normally offer loans starting at 1-year term with no prepayment penalty. Take a look at our loan programs overview here.

Will you lend to an individual?

Yes, we do provide loans to individuals regarding their experience. We also can provide solutions to companies such as an LLC or Corporation.

How long do you have to pay back a hard money loan?

Usually, our payback time frame is 1-3 years. However, we’re very flexible with our terms and can be adjusted depending on your situation.

Can I refinance a hard money loan?

Yes, you can. In fact, we have a specific loan program for that. Take a look here.

Do you ask for a down payment?

Yes, we do. The percentage of the down payment usually will be based on the risk of the deal, LTV or ARV.

Do you require an appraisal?

We usually don’t require an appraisal. However, it will depend on the property deal.

Are hard money loans legal?

Yes. We work with attorneys to make the process as clear as possible.

Where can I find other hard money lenders?

You can take a look at our Private Money Lenders Directory which has an extensive list of lenders that provide services nationwide.

Do you check the credit score?

Yes, we do. But it isn’t our main focus point since all our loan programs are asset-based.

How can I get a hard money loan for a flip?

You can access a fix and flip hard money loan with us. Take a look at our program description here.

Can I access a hard money loan if I’m a foreign national?

Yes, you can. That’s not something that holds us back from lending you money.

What do you mean by asset-based loan programs?

What we mean is that we focus more on the property deal you’d like us to fund, rather than making decisions based on other factors like your credit score.