Where do you lend?

Hard Money Lenders IO is a Private Lending Company located in Miami, Florida providing loans to real estate investors and entrepreneurs. We operate throughout the state of Florida & have a network of investors nationwide.

How Fast Can You Close?

Although most of our loans are closed within two weeks after the first contact with the borrower, we can close within 3-4 days if all documentation is in order.

Do I Necessarily Need Good Credit to Get a Loan?

We pay attention to the credit history of the principals of the agreement, but a borrower does not need to have good credit to those with us.

Do I need cash to close?

Yes, you need cash to close. We require our borrowers to have the cash to pay off, pay interest during the loan, and to manage the cost overruns as part of the rehabilitation project.

Do I need experience to close?

Having prior experience is beneficial, but we lend to primary borrowers.

Will you finance loan points?

In certain circumstances, yes, we do finance loan points.

How do I start?

When you submit your loan online, call us or send us an email directly. We can talk through your loan scenario and determine within minutes, once we have a few simple questions answered, if we can help.

We can provide approvals typically within 24 hours and can fund in a matter of days. Hard Money Lender is a direct lender with immediate access to capital, we are the decision maker and have the ability to move quickly.

What initial paperwork do you need?

We encourage brokers to call us directly or submit an inquiry through the site to get started. Typically all we need is a property address and hard money loan amount request and we can move quickly. As a direct hard money lender, we are able to assess a deal in a matter of hours and provide written terms to you within 24 hours.

What is your typical loan structure?

We normally offer a one-year loan that pays interest until maturity and does not include a prepayment fine. Get more information about our loan programs.

Will you lend to an individual?

Yes. We also lend to some type of company; LLC OR Corporation.