If you want to invest in commercial real estate including office space, hotels, industrial buildings, and business-zoned properties in Florida, then you need a commercial hard money loan from Hard Money Lenders IO.

How we help our customers

We provide hard money commercial loans to those in need of cash for great investment deals. Hard Money Lenders IO offers quick approval, reasonable rates, and access to the funds you need to make deals happen.

What we look forward to

We look forward to helping you develop your portfolio with a range of commercial properties across different asset classes. Whether you want to go all-in on office space or add some industrial square footage to your portfolio, we’re here to help you invest with quick access to the funds you need.

How to Identify a Commercial Hard Money Loan


Commercial hard money loans are private money loans that can be used to purchase commercial asset classes. Hard money loans carry less restrictions than traditional commercial loans and have advantages in speed and flexibility. If you need access to quick money to take advantage of a great investment opportunity in your area, then you should consider a commercial hard money loan to get the resources you need to close a deal.

What makes Commercial Hard Money Loans Unique:

  • Low / No Upfront Costs
  • Speed
  • Flexibility of loan terms
  • Asset-based lending
  • Not reliant on credit history & proof of income

so because of the flexible terms you can work with.

We don’t want you to miss hot investment deals anymore

That’s why we’re ready to help and willing to give you a pre-qualification the same day you submit your info for our loan program.

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What can you buy with commercial hard money loans?


There are many different types of assets you can purchase with hard money lending. Any property zoned for business use, including retail properties, gyms, restaurants, and marijuana dispensaries all fall under this category. You can also buy office space, warehouses, hotels, and industrial buildings with a hard money commercial loan. Each of these asset classes come with an inherent level of risk which can be estimated with the asset classes’ average “cap rate.” Additionally, the quality of a property in terms of location and condition can help categorize commercial properties into different “classes,” including A, B, and so on.

These cap rates change all the time due to changing macroeconomic conditions, but you can find a general guide on cap rates here.

P.S. Warehouses are one of the fastest growing sectors in the commercial real estate space! 

Different Types of Commercial Tenants

There are a variety of different lease types that can take place with commercial properties.

Gross Lease:  The tenant pays a lump sum and the landlord is responsible for all utilities, taxes, insurance, and any other expenses that come up.

Net Lease: The tenant pays for utilities, and property taxes, and a fixed rent schedule. The landlord is responsible for maintenance, repairs, and any other essential fees not paid by the tenant.

NN (Net Net Lease): The tenant pays for utilities, property taxes, insurance, rent, and maintenance. Under a NN lease, the tenant would also be responsible for any common repairs that need to be done for the property.

NNN (Net Net Net Lease): The tenant is responsible for all expenses of operating the property. The landlord is still responsible for structural repairs that must be made.

Absolute NNN/Bonded Lease: The tenant assumes all responsibilities for the property and pays the landlord rent.

Absolute Net Lease: The tenant pays all expenses including structural maintenance repairs.

Absolute Net Bond Lease: The tenant is responsible for all expenses, including condemnation.

It’s important to understand which lease type is most compatible with the type of property you’re purchasing. It’s also useful to know what your investment style is: if you’re more hands-off, you may want to consider a NNN lease where you can sit back and collect a check each month for your commercial property. If you’re an active investor, a Gross or Net Lease will give you more control over your investment in exchange for a larger time commitment.

Does bad credit disqualify me for a commercial hard money loan?

No! You can still qualify for a commercial hard money loan with bad or no credit. In fact, asset-based lending such as hard money loans do not factor credit or personal liabilities when determining loan qualification. Instead, hard money lenders look primarily at the underlying property when issuing a loan. If you were to default on the loan, the hard money lender takes ownership of the property. This means that a hard money lender will be primarily concerned with the quality of the investment you’re pursuing instead of your personal credit history or income.

Factors that do not disqualify you from a hard money commercial loan:

  • Going through bankruptcy
  • Having a tax lien out
  • Having a child support lien out
  • Going through a divorce
  • Having prior evictions
  • Having prior foreclosures
  • Having little to no proof of income

For this reason, hard money loans are attractive to those whose situations don’t fit squarely into a traditional lender’s preferences. Hard money lenders like Hard Money Lenders IO are much more willing to work with unique situations in exchange for a slightly higher interest rate than traditional banks! A good credit score and experience with commercial properties will certainly help your chances of qualification, but lack of those will not disqualify you from securing a loan.

Overview of our Commercial Hard Money loan program

Experience Level Any
Credit Score 600
Interest Rate 9% – 12%*
 Points 0% – 2%
Eligible For a 0-Point Option? Yes
Advance Rate on Rehab or New Construction 10%
Advance Rate on Current Value 10%
Loan % to After Rehab Value 75%

Property Types

Single Family, Multi-Family, Mixed-Use
Prepayment Penalty No
Extension Available Yes
Cross Collateral/ Blanket Loans Yes
Loan Size $100k-$5M
Loan Terms 3 Months – 2 Years

Commercial Hard Money Loan Timeline

Step 1 – Prequalification:

You’ll be pre-screened by a member of our hard money lending team to go over questions that will help determine if you’re a suitable candidate for a hard money commercial loan

Step 2 – Documentation:

Once you’re pre qualified, we’ll let you know the documentation we need to help you continue with the loan. These documents include a verification of your initial application, as well as a business plan laying out your intentions for your investment.

Step 3 – Terms:

After you’ve submitted all necessary documentation, we’ll work with you to finalize loan terms including interest rate, LTV ratio, down payment, points, closing fees, and your loan repayment schedule.

Step 4 – Property Inspection:

Once all the loan terms have been finalized, we will appraise and inspect the property to ensure that you are purchasing the property near, at, or below market value. If no major problems come up and you’ve done the due diligence on your end, the loan will move on to closing.

Step 5 – Closing:

After all other steps have been completed, we’ll begin securing the necessary funds to help you invest in your commercial property. Funding can be expected in as little as 1-3 weeks depending on the situation.

Congratulations, you now own a commercial property!

How to maximize your odds of qualification

At Hard Money Lenders IO, there are a few factors that successful loan applicants share. Factors you can control in the short term include having a solid business plan, identifying a strong property in an attractive market, having paperwork ready to go, and doing your due diligence on questions that may be asked of you. While researching your investment, it will be helpful to use our hard money loan calculator to do your homework and work out the baseline financials of your deal.

In the long term, factors like good credit and experience will help you secure better financing terms, but a lack of these will not disqualify you from successfully securing a loan.

How do Commercial Hard Money Loans Differ from Traditional Loans?


Hard Money Loans offer faster closing, less reliance on credit history, and more lenient loan terms than traditional lenders in exchange for a higher interest rate. Hard Money Commercial loans also tend to have shorter loan durations when compared to traditional loans: where traditional loans are often 15 or 30 years, commercial hard money loans may be 2 years, 1 year, or even just a few months long!

Traditional lenders will be much more critical of your income history, credit score, and any liens you have open. In contrast, commercial hard money lenders will care much more about the underlying value of the investment property you’re pursuing. For investors that want access to quick cash to fund an investment project, hard money loans are a great option!

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