If you plan to rehab a residential property and sell it within a short period of time, a fix and flip loan is what you need. At Hard Money Lenders IO we have a loan program that adapts to this situation and covers exactly what you need.

How we help our customers

We help real estate investors reduce the costs of renovating properties by providing quick access to flipping loans of up to 85% of the total project (purchase + rehab) with flexible terms to make the process as smooth as possible.

What we look forward to

The goal of our fix and flip funding for investors is to allow them to buy a residential property, make renovations and improve the appearance so it can increase its market value. Then it can be sold at a higher price, in the shortest time possible.

The options real estate investors face

Many real estate investors only have two options in mind when applying to traditional institutions for financing their investment properties:

  1. A traditional bank loan, however they often face rejection for multiple reasons, the most common are: a bad credit score, a property in poor conditions, being a foreign national or not having an extensive investing background.
  2. The application for FHA financing, but fix and flip loans aren’t within their guidelines. In summary…

A hard money lender is the best go-to option for house flipping loans. Not only for the fast-closing but also because of the flexible terms you can work with.

We don’t want you to miss hot investment deals anymore

That’s why we’re ready to help and willing to give you a pre-qualification the same day you submit your info for our loan program.

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Some of the benefits you can expect from a fix and flip loan with us

  • Competitive closing speed
  • Financing from $100,000 upwards
  • No limit on the number of properties you want to invest in
  • No prepay penalty

The type of fix and flip deals we can assist you with include but they’re not limited to

  • Investors who don’t qualify for traditional financing
  • Fully amortized loans
  • Portfolio loans and multi-property loans
  • Short sale purchase and rehab
  • Foreign nationals

Overview of our Fix & Flip loan program

Experience Level Any
Credit Score 600
Interest Rate 9% – 12%*
 Points 0% – 2%
Eligible For a 0-Point Option? Yes
Advance Rate on Rehab or New Construction 10%
Advance Rate on Current Value 10%
Loan % to After Rehab Value 75%

Property Types

Single Family, Multi-Family, Mixed-Use
Prepayment Penalty No
Extension Available Yes
Cross Collateral/ Blanket Loans Yes
Loan Size $100k-$5M
Loan Terms 3 Months – 2 Years

What our applying process looks like

Our applying process is simple, all you need to do is to fill up our Fix and Flip Loan Interest Short Form and we’ll get in touch with you to collect the required documentation and move forward to close the deal.

Every application is evaluated separately in detail to provide you total personalized attention and solutions to your situation. As for documentation, you can expect to submit only relevant and minimal paperwork since we direct our focus on the property deal.

When applying for house flipping loans the amounts will be based on the After Repair Value (ARV) of the property.

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