Fix and Flip money loan applies for residential real estate investments opportunities. Whenever you are looking to rehabilitate and sell your residential property within a short period of time, not far from the when it’s purchased, then a fix and flip loan type is applicable for you.

Fix and flip element connotes ‘fixing’ the damages and improving its look while getting ready to invest, sell or rent. Normally, the goal is for the investor to (1) minimize the cost of renovation to the barest minimum (2) make the market value of the property as high as possible (3) retain the property for the shortest possible time.

Fix and Flip Hard Money Loans

When it comes to dealing with fix and flip investors, we understand that having quick access to finance is crucial. Real estate investors need the resources to execute their plans and make attractive offers that make quick closes. As a result of this, we at Hard Money Lender IO ensure that our fix and fix loan programs provide the funding that borrowers need to buy and renovate their property. And we do this with the required speed and flexibility that suits you.
Since the cost of rehabilitation can cost more than the actual price of the purchase, through fix and flip private money loans, we provide up to 85% of the total project cost, which is the price of purchasing the property plus the cost of rehabilitating it. These loans have no repay, thus allowing you to sell the property as quick as possible. The cost of rehabilitation is held back and released as the project is completed.

Hard Money Lenders IO provides flexible terms for funding of up to 85 percent of the purchase and the cost of rehabilitating the project. We offer hard money loans for fix and flip properties from $100,000 upwards. We do this with no prepay penalty and no limit on the number of properties.
When the traditional lending solutions are not available because they do not meet the FHA guidelines, our fix and flip loans programs are what you should adopt. The federal agencies provide money to traditional lending agencies that would typically provide cash to those who wants to buy houses.

Due to the refusal of FHA to back these loans, hence, options for borrowers looking to purchase foreclosed properties are limited. Many times, we can provide you with a pre-qualification on our fix and flip loans the same day you apply. So you have the cash fast to take advantage of opportunities when they arise.

If you want to get started on this, you would have to take the time to complete our Fix and Flip Loan Interest Short Form. But before you take the time to fill the form, you might want to take the time to review a sampling of the fix and flip deals we commonly assist with. They include but are not limited to:

  • Unable to qualify for conventional Financing
  • Full Amortized Loans
  • Portfolio Loans and Multi-Property Loans
  • Short Sale Purchase and Rehab.

Closing Speed

Traditional loans can take several months to close. We can do it in few days.

We Are Flexibile

We allow fix and flip investors to arrange and secure funds that are not available to them through other institutions.

Competitive Loan %

We provide funds to fix and flip with investment rates that start at 9% with 0 to 2 points, and returning borrowers receive better terms.