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At Hard Money Lenders IO we provide a quick turnaround for your proof of funds letter. Make your offers more credible and competitive by applying for a proof of funds letter from Hard Money Lenders IO today!

We notarize all proof of funds letters to add an extra layer of professionalism and trust to your document. Providing a proof of funds letter will put you head-and-shoulders above other offers by proving to sellers that you’re serious, prepared, and financially ready to make an investment in their property. You can receive your proof of funds letter today on this website, so don’t delay!

Why Should I Get a Proof of Funds Letter?

A proof of funds letter is a powerful document that prescribes credibility and trust to your reputation as a real estate investor.

A proof of funds letter is:

  • Available online 24/7 from Hard Money Lenders IO
  • Signed by Hard Money Lenders IO to make your document official and credible
  • A valuable tool to show real estate sellers that you are serious and capable of purchasing their property
  • A way to gain an advantage over other offers by providing proof of funds to sellers in a fast and safe way

There’s no reason to delay in receiving your proof of funds letter today. It’s an easy way to boost credibility, reduce back-and-forth between buyers and sellers, and prove that you’re a serious candidate for any real estate investment. Best of all, your proof of funds letter is able to be created and signed by Hard Money Lenders IO right now, on this website!

What is a Proof of Funds Letter?

A proof of funds letter is a valuable document that can give you an edge over other real estate investors vying for the same properties as you. This paper proves to sellers that you’re a credible and legitimate investor with cash on hand, ready to invest in the seller’s property without complication. If you’re a hard-money investor, a proof of funds letter takes the place of a conventional lender’s pre-approval letter.

Proof of funds letters are often used in cases where conventional lenders are not involved. This could be a property rehab and flip, a foreclosure purchase, or a chattel purchase for a mobile or manufactured home. There are various uses for the proof of funds letter, and we at Hard Money Lenders IO are happy to provide the documentation needed to make a serious cash offer on whatever property you’re looking to purchase.

How do I request a Proof of Funds Letter?

It’s easy! By visiting our website, you’re already halfway through the process of receiving your proof of funds letter and establishing your credibility as an investor.

Your next steps are as follows:

  1. Fill out your contact information with the form on our website
  2. Allow our team to receive your form and process your request
  3. Receive your proof of funds letter and download to your device

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