Use our BRRRR calculator to estimate the efficacy of your deal and prepare for any surprises along the way. Enter in your loan specifications, estimated repair costs, after repair value (ARV) and more to get the financials behind any deal you want to pursue. Find out key financial details behind every deal and use that information to make smart investment decisions.

Compare deals of different sizes, create what-if scenarios, and more with our BRRRR Loan Calculator. At Hard Money Lenders, we are happy to help you take out a hard money loan to fund your BRRRR investments. That’s why we want you to use our BRRRR calculator to figure out the correct investment size and strategy for you!


The BRRR investment strategy uses the following structure:

Buy – Get a deal on a property in need of renovations. Issues like broken drywall, ugly kitchens, bad bathrooms, and dirty carpeting are cost-effective problems that you should look out for!

Rehab – Fix the property and complete renovations that will drastically increase the after repair value (ARV) of the property. Avoid luxury fixes like granite countertops and exotic flooring – stick to the basics that will make the property a great rental!

Rent – Now that you’ve done all the hard work, find a tenant to lease your property out at the fair market rate.

Refinance – Get a cash-out loan from Hard Money Lenders to reflect the increased value of your renovated, leased-out property. Use a part of that new loan to pay off the remaining balance of your original loan, and use the rest to fund the down payment and renovations for your next property.

Repeat – Take everything you learned from your first BRRRR experience and apply it to the next one!



At Hard Money Lenders, we offer hard money loans to finance your BRRRR investments. In addition, our BRRRR loan calculator can be used to estimate the financials behind deals that you may want to take advantage of. 

In this hot real estate market, speed is key. That’s why Hard Money Lenders offers fast loan approval and an easy-to-use BRRRR Loan Calculator to get you the property you want sooner than the competition.  We want you to be successful in your real estate investing journey, and that’s why we’re pro-BRRRR and offer loans for that type of investment strategy. That’s also why we supply you with tools like the BRRRR Loan Calculator – we want to see you succeed!

Step 1 - Buy + Rehab Property

Short Term Loan Details

Capital Required: $

Down Payment: $

Step 2 - Rent Property

(if applicable)

Total Income: $

Loan Repayment: $

Total Expenses: $

Cashflow: $

Step 3 - Refinance Property

Loan Amount: $

Step 4 - Results

Short Term Loan

Loan Amount $

Loan Monthly Repayment $

Loan Total Repayments $

Loan Fees $

Total Loan Costs $

Rental Property Monthly Cash Flow with Short Term Loan $

Total Loan Fees $

(Short Term Loan + Long Term Loan)

Long Term Loan

Loan Amount $

Loan Monthly Repayment $

Loan Total Repayments $

Loan Fees $

Total Loan Costs $

Rental Property Monthly Cash Flow with Long Term Loan $

Up front costs for investor $

(Total loan fees + down payment)

Note: These are estimate numbers that may vary depending on the terms set by both parties (lender and borrower).

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