Hard Money Lenders in Orlando, Florida

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Hard Money Lenders in Florida

Hard money lenders offer underwriting flexibility so you can move forward with your property investment deal. They can also assist you to measure your deal’s profitability so you can have a clearer picture of your ROI.

Private money lenders are a great solution when you want to invest in a property and you’re looking for a loan with a short-term commitment. You can get full funding for your property project in a few days to close the deal as fast as possible.

If you want to get a hard money loan you should keep in mind that the loan amounts can be fixed or can vary depending on the LTV, LTR or ARV.

Orlando is a top place to invest in real estate due to its numerous tourist destinations. It’s part of Orange County and has a population of 287,442 residents. 

It’s known for top locations that residents and tourists enjoy like:

  • Orlando Museum of Art
  • Universal Orlando
  • Walt Disney World
  • Mennello Museum of American Art
  • Airport Lakes Park
  • Big Tree Park

Local residents’ education levels stats are:

90.4% have a high school diploma or higher and 38.1% have a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Other relevant facts:

  • Per capita income is $32,085 and the recent job growth rate was 3.91%, one of the highest in Florida.
  • In the real estate market in Orlando, the median home value is $217,084 and the average rent per month is $1,533.

Housing Assistance Programs

The City has some programs to help local residents with their homes, these are some of them:

  • Down Payment Assistance
  • Housing Rehabilitation Program
  • Property Energy Improvements
  • Historic Preservation Property Tax Exemption

Business Incentive Programs

Orlando also provides a variety of opportunities for local businesses, some of the programs include:

  • Small Business Façade, Site Improvement and Adaptive Reuse Program
  • Business Assistance Program
  • Not-for-Profit Impact Fee Assistance Program
  • Transportation Impact Fee Waiver
  • Impact Fee Payment Plan
  • Targeted Site Revitalization Pilot Program
  • Downtown Commercial & Residential Building Improvement Program
  • Creative Village
  • SODO Neighborhood Improvement District

Hard money lenders in Orlando, Florida are just a call away to assist you in the funding of your new property deal. These are some of them:

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