Hard Money Lenders in Plantation City, Florida

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Hard Money Lenders in Florida

Going back and forth with application forms to get a loan from a traditional bank or other financial institution can take pretty much time, and yet there’s no guarantee it’ll be approved. What a hard money lender does is simplify this process by funding your investment deal based on minimal requirements and taking the property as collateral instead of looking at your credit score only.

Hard money lenders have different loan programs tailored to your needs that adapt to the most common real estate investment practices like fix and flip, cash out and refinance, new constructions or rental property loans.

Whatever hard money loan option you choose to work with, lenders will always have your back and give you advice when you need it. 

Investing in a commercial or residential property in Plantation City is always a good option. To help you know a bit more about the area, here’s an overview of the city: 

Plantation is located in Broward County with a population of 94,580 residents. Among some other interesting aspects of the city, you can find:

Living Costs

The median home value in the real estate market is $417,001 and the average rent per month is $2,359.

Education Stats

These are Plantation City residents’ education levels:

  • 92.8% are high school grads or higher
  • 43.3% have a bachelor’s degree or higher

Local Economy

The per capita income residents have is $37,866 and the job growth percentage is 1.87%.

Other Interesting Facts

  • The city was recognized by the Florida Green Building Coalition as a Gold-certified Green Local Government in 2009 and then in 2015 with the Bronze-level certification to acknowledge the efforts in becoming a sustainable city.                           
  • Some of the famous places in Plantation City are the Helen B. Hoffman Plantation Library Children’s Room, Westfield Broward Mall, The Fountains Shoppes of Distinction, Plantation Historical Museum, and the Plantation Preserve Golf Course.                                                                                                                                                                                    
  • It’s been listed on the 100 Best Communities for Young People by America’s Promise Alliance

Private money lenders in Plantation, Florida offer a wide range of loan programs to help you invest in a commercial or residential property with no extensive documentation requirements. Here’s a list of some of the best in the area:

Hard Money Lenders IO

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